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We have hundreds of satisfied clients. How?


-By building custom solutions for the hardest problems you face.

-By involving our most senior people in every step of the project from start to finish.

-By being small enough to care about every project, but big enough to scale globally and effectively.

-By focusing not just on doing the research right, but also on doing the right research.


Our goal is to take a solution-oriented, long-term perspective on understanding your organization, aligning your teams, and maximizing your success.



The majority of our work is quantitative in nature, helping clients build forecasts, model trade-offs, and make decisions during some of their toughest challenges; high-stakes negotiation, deal valuation, portfolio optimization, and patent expiry. We help clients launch products by building compelling messages, aligning teams, preparing customers, and optimizing within a dynamic marketplace. Clients use us to track the impact of their strategies across different customer segments globally. We provide understanding, not just of who their most valuable customers are but how to reach them. We help our clients not just on value measurement but on value maximization.

Team SSP

Our team is made up of individuals with decades of deep market research experience. But beyond that, we also draw from our extensive backgrounds in strategy consulting, engineering, biotechnology, and line management positions. This experience allows us to build solutions that not only leverage best-in-class thinking but are also rooted in the deep pragmatism of making things work in the often messy real world. Our broad industry perspective coupled with strong facilitation aligns the wide array of concerns and needs that cross-functional client teams have This ensures great research results that provide clarity of action for your organization

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