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SageSpring Partners is committed to providing our Healthcare clients with dedicated senior-level attention to every phase of market research. We specialize in finding solutions to problems that are both analytical and complex in nature by tailoring and customizing solutions.


The founders George Corrigan and Bikram Dang, bring a broad background from industry, strategy consulting, and research, which has allowed us to work with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies on some of their most complicated decisions. We can bring a unique blend of advanced analytics, broad management perspective, and experienced facilitation that goes well beyond the templated approaches and highly leveraged junior or off-shore staff typically found in big-name one-size-fits-all market research firms.


Our work is of particular interest to clients who have too much data but not enough information, face a great deal of uncertainty, and where the stakes are large warranting sophisticated analysis. As a result, we have naturally built a large roster of life sciences clients, but we have also conducted significant work in other industries such as global hospitality and retail.  In the past year, we've done studies in dozens of countries, with thousands of consumers and healthcare professionals; including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, and caregivers.


We work best when the stakes are high. Some indicators are:


  1. A high level of senior management interest in a project

  2. The path forward is not clear or there is a large amount of uncertainty

  3. A sophisticated demanding team with a broad array of perspectives struggling to get effectively aligned

  4. A unique situation the organization has not faced before


These types of situations are a good fit for SageSpring Partners and the resources we can bring to bear.


SageSpring Partners -


Bringing Good People and Good Thinking Together for Great Results.

George Corrigan, Partner

Bikram Dang, Partner

Trevor Hughes, HR / Finance

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