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Selective Research Case Studies

FDA Negotiation StrategySageSpring Partners modeled key attributes of a pivotal pre-approval compound to ensure value maximization during critical labeling discussions. Through efficient design, nuances in claim language were quantified enabling successful negotiations for maximizing the value of the brand and the overall franchise at launch.


Market-Based ForecastingSageSpring Partners was chosen as the key strategic partner to bridge Market Research and Forecasting at a top 5 pharma. The development and implementation of an innovative valuation process resulted in consistent, transparent, organizational insight into the commercialization of the product portfolio and restored executive confidence in market forecasts.


Tracker Audit and Value Recovery10 waves of historical data generated by a previous vendor were analyzed using SageSpring Partners’ proprietary Data Segmentation Dashboard. The result was both new insights as well as a simpler, shorter, and less expensive study design for future waves.


Global Franchise Model – To support portfolio prioritization and business development, a unique approach combining hybrid conjoint and max-diff techniques was employed. The market simulator SageSpring Partners developed was unprecedented at the client company and was capable of modeling up to 12 new compounds, in 3 diseases, across five countries and multiple physician specialties.


Launch Preparation and PositioningPositioned a novel therapy option in an established category, leveraging a series of creative qualitative studies across nine countries to develop unique insights for differentiation. Deliverables included hallmarks, package insert refinement, creative concept evaluation, optimized story flow and unique, impactful positioning.


Strategic Positioning during Loss of Exclusivity - Developed a simulator for a blockbuster brand facing patent expiry to enable the client to assess the effectiveness of potential strategies to offset share erosion caused by new generic competition.


Digital Strategy Development for Leading Hotel ChainSageSpring Partners worked in alliance with a major ideation company to develop a taxonomy of the rapidly evolving digital landscape. SageSpring Partners led the strategic effort to ensure that this hotel chain kept its cutting edge lead while being mindful of both customer desires and franchisee concerns with investment costs.


Examples of our work span the entire product lifecycle… in the US and across the globe including the emerging markets.


Our capabilities extend from market research to strategy development; leveraging the consultant backgrounds and facilitation skills of our senior staff.

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